Unless you are naturally a night owl, working the graveyard shift is probably not something that you look forward to. This, in part, is because it is quite unnatural – your body is used to sleeping during the night and being up during the daytime. Reversing the schedule can often be quite a shock to your system. This is why you need to maintain a proper routine when working the night shift. There are also certain precautions that you need to take. If you intend to be safe and healthy, it is important to include the below points in your daily schedule. Here is what you need to do:

Be Careful
It has been discovered that night shifts can cause people to have a greater number of accidents than during the daytime. This is because people tend to be less alert as they can feel quite drowsy. Due to limited lighting, there is also a decreased possibility of seeing any potential obstacles or dangers. Lastly, due to the dark, it can be quite difficult to identify night time workers. It is important to be extra careful at night and to take all of the necessary safeguards. For instance, if you are close to a road or are in danger of colliding with someone else, wear the necessary gear. Ask your company to provide you with Hi Vis Workwear. This way, people will be able to discern you from the darkness.
Be Healthy
The more tired you are, the more junk food that you tend to consume. This is because your body is craving high energy foods and junk food is chock full of calories. To maintain a proper regime, however, you should stick to eating healthy food. If you tend to snack more during the graveyard shift, pack healthy snacks such as carrot sticks. You are also probably going to feel quite tempted to reach for your coffee mug or energy drinks. This, however is a mistake. If you need to be caffeinated, make sure to do it during the first half of your shift, not the latter part. You should also make sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
Listen to Your Body
Are your eyes starting to close at the end of your shift? Once you are in your car do you feel yourself starting to nod off? If this is what you are experiencing, it is important not to drive. It is much safer for you to call a cab or a friend to take you home. If you feel yourself getting sleepy while you drive, immediately pull over. There are numerous accidents that have taken place due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.
It may take your body a long time to get used to its new schedule. To compensate, remember to sleep well during the day. Do not attempt to get up and get chores done. It is important that you get your rest. This will help you to be alert when you are working during your shift.

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