Realizing the adverse effects of smoking is the most important, initial step that is needed to quit this dreadful habit for good. But even when a smoker decides to quit smoking, it can be very hard for them to refrain from using tobacco as the urges/cravings that arise afterwards can be very tempting and are known to cause many difficulties too.  Different companies manufacture a wide array of products that range from gum to nicotine patches, in order to help people in their battle against smoking. Among these products the E-Cigarette seems to be one of the standout products that have gained significant popularity in recent times.


The electronic/electrical cigarette or more commonly known as an ‘E-Cigarette’, is a truly one of a kind invention as it can be used to emulate a real cigarette in many aspects. Cigarettes contain harmful carcinogens that are in tobacco, which can be very harmful to the smoker as well as everyone around him. The e-cigarette does not contain any tobacco but only has nicotine so it does not cause any harm to the user or others around him. Also the fact that they are designed to feel/look like the real thing; sometimes even with the help of smoke that is emitted artificially, makes them the perfect replacement product for the people who are desperate to quit smoking.

How it Works

It generally works by turning small amounts of liquid nicotine that are situated within the ecig (usually via a cartridge), into vapor that can be inhaled by the user. The liquid is vaporized by an atomizer that is powered by a very small battery, every time the user inhales it. Even though the gums and nicotine patches that are used for quitting usually provide the nicotine for a couple of minutes, the e-cigarette only does this for a couple of seconds which is beneficial to one’s health.  Many of these have LED light at the tip of them that gives off an orange glow, which makes it look very much like a real cigarette. They also come in different strengths such as full, half and minimal, so that a user can start with the ones with full strength and gradually decrease the strength as he/she gains more confidence to quit.

The Advantages

One of the main reasons why this device is more practical in aiding to quit smoking is because, unlike nicotine patches/gums they provide the user with the opportunity to hold it within their fingers and use it like a real cigarette. This emulation of the real thing is very important at the initial stages of quitting as not having the ability to hold a cigarette, might even cause a person to fall back to smoking again. Although the initial amount that needs to be spent on an e-cigarette is a bit more, it will be well worth in the end for sure. Many imitation e-cigarettes that are made in China can also be seen in abundance in the market but they are not that recommended as they are usually not subjected to health tests, and therefore might pose a threat to the user’s body.

So it is important use a proper branded e-cigarette in your efforts to achieve the great milestone of, ‘Quitting Smoking’ forever. Also these are getting more and more popular by the day and can be seen used in many pubs and public places as well.

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